Veterans / Warriors Healing Our Soul Wounds

Presently warriors returning from different parts of the world where they have spent time in war zones suffer from what is known as PTSD. In Tribal/Indigenous world-views PTSD is known as Injury Where Blood Doesn’t Flow or Soul Wounding. The attached paper discusses ways of understanding Trauma from a different perspective and gives some ideas as to how to address Soul Wounding through the restoration of soul. The ideas discussed in the paper are offered to those who are still having difficulty after engaging in what is available through the usual sources such as the VA or your local Therapist, Priest, Rabbi, Shaman, Imam, Holy Man or Holy Woman. If these resources are sufficient you may find this additional material interesting but perhaps not something you want to integrate into your well being. As long as we all get the help we need is the main point of this effort.

Blessings and thank you all for your sacrifices that have been made on behalf of the people who believe in our way of life.

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