Warrior Soul Wounding


Warrior Soul Wounding

In most ancient and modern tribal cultures there are methods in which warriors/veterans are re-admitted into the society after having to go and commit acts that go against natural law. It is not natural to go far away from home with the sole purpose of causing destruction and taking human life.

I’m not saying that it is not necessary to defend one’s home in case of attack. The warrior is acting with honor in following the dictates of their society although at times the society is acting in a manner that is not honorable. This lack of honor towards life from the collective society is yet another level of guilt and soul wounding that is imposed on the warrior.

The warrior/veteran does his/her duty in the best way we know how. Our souls have a different understanding of the purpose of the war and when this purpose does not honor natural law, our soul turns on us and gives us symptoms so that we will pay attention and try to restore the balance in our soul. Most warriors are aware of what these symptoms entail—depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, family violence, marital problems and so on.

It is important to break down the actions and their effects and see what actually happens at the soul level when a warrior has to commit acts that go against the soul or psyche. Life is sacred. All cultures, religions and ideologies subscribe to some sort of idea regarding the sacredness of life. The warrior takes their life and places it against another life or lives in the path of doing their duty to defend the country.

At the point of contact between the warrior taking a life and the person who’s life is being taken there is a spiritual understanding and contract that occurs. An energy or spirit of violence comes into play between the two people involved in the situation. The spirits of these two people recognize each other and agree that one will depart because of the actions of the one that will take the life.

Again, as I mentioned before there is an identification and agreement that these two enter into. This relationship was and is well known in tribal traditions, and there are ceremonies to bring balance to this in some of these societies.

Presently, we do not do any ceremonies before or after going to war except in some very small instances where the veteran is part of a tribal tradition that understands natural law and the balancing that needs to occur through ceremony. Therefore, the veteran is left to fend for themselves in a system that has no understanding of the spiritual aspect of what occurs in war. Just like the issues we discussed in the spirit of alcohol section it is important to remember that war has a spirit. It is this spirit that needs to be balanced and restored in ceremony. War is a ceremony and it will take another ceremony to restore the balance.

In order to give you insight into how serious the spiritual aspect is you should consider that some tribes believe that the actual identity of the person is at stake.

For example, if you are part of such tribe and you are part of taking human life you stop existing as a member of that tribe. When we realize that most tribal names actually translate into ‘human being’ then the warrior taking a life ceases to be a human being. This is a far cry from saying that you have PTSD, which is a nice clean clinical term that means very little to the soul of the warrior/veteran.

Once the warrior ceases to be a human being there has to be a way to restore them back to being human otherwise they will wander soul less and tortured. In most instances the VA docs and therapy types and the warrior resorts to other spirits in order to restore spirit (by this I mean spirit of psychotropic drugs).8 Except, as you recall you cannot restore spirit unless you do the proper ceremony just like I discussed in the alcohol section.

Sorry to tell you that sitting in a VA office getting a prescription for psychotropics is not the right ceremony for restoring your soul. Again, I emphasize that it’s good to take these medicines when needed, but taking them without doing the required spiritual healing will not heal your soul. It may bring some relief but as you know you will need more medicine or spirit of medicine on an ongoing basis.

Recall that the spirit of alcohol is cunning and will make you believe that the hole in your spirit can be mended by putting the spirit of alcohol or drug into your spirit. In actuality this will give you more suffering because now you are becoming addicted or possessed to yet another spirit form.

How so? is a reasonable question regarding this relationship between the energy of violence, death and human beings participating in this dance called war. When we look at some ancient traditions9 that understand what happens at the time of death it makes sense to think that the spirit that leaves the dying person’s body may be a bit confused if the person is killed suddenly as is frequently the case in modern warfare.

The disembodied spirit may not know it has died and serious confusion may result. In this confusion the departing spirit may attach itself to the closest person or to the one that has been the cause of its departure. This phenomenon can be clearly understood if one is to ask most veterans what they are dreaming. Many report that they dream of the people that they have killed. In addition, the veteran also carries images of their friends who get killed since the spirits of the dead attach themselves to the closest person to them in order to try to make sense of the death process. The images of the dead are a deep part of their dream life, and they cause a tremendous amount of suffering through symptoms. Most of the symptoms are clinically known as anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, severe thought disorders and PTSD.

As the dreams clearly indicate, there is a huge elephant in the middle of the therapists couch and no one pays attention to it. The images are not subtle as most of you know, yet for some reason these are attended to by giving you cognitive behavioral therapy and drugs. It’s like taking your toothache to the transmission mechanic and makes as much sense. Again I will say, if this approach is working for you then don’t mind what I’m saying here. I’m only speaking to those who have not gotten relief using these regularly prescribed methods.

How do we do this? Is there a way out? Are reasonable if not logical questions at this point. The answer is yes. In order to restore balance we need to resort to natural law. Recall that natural law has nothing to do with who’s in charge, or what the government thinks or any other theory one may want to entertain. Natural law says that if you let go of this booklet from your hand it will fall and this is not personal or theoretical—it’s just the way things are.

OK then. We have created an imbalance by causing suffering to someone else or to a group of people. This has to be acknowledged as in taking a fearless moral inventory of yourself. I have heard many vets talk about their deeds and acknowledge that these were not good or wholesome actions. The awareness that there may be a spiritual implication is also part of the initial stage of restoring your spirit.

Allow your spirit to become aware of what has occurred. Think and try to feel the suffering that happened at the point that the action took place. What did that person feel, think, want, at the time in their life where their life ended. Allow your awareness to be aware of the suffering that the family went through. At this point you should also be paying attention to your dreams because they will be an excellent guide as to the specific issues you need to deal with. The methods of interpretation that I have suggested in the addictions section are the ones that you should use in this area also.

Also, it is highly recommended that you do this with a therapist (the word therapist actually means healer in Greek) sponsor, minister, priest, medicine man/woman. You will need a spiritual guide since you are entering spiritual ‘Indian country’ as they say in most battle situations. This is not to say you can’t do this alone. It is highly recommended that you have a point person who may know the turf so that you don’t get stranded and create even more problems for yourself.

Once you are aware of where your soul has been wounded or possessed you can begin the process of making a bargain for your soul much in the way that Christ bargained for the possessed man’s soul in his travels as a human being. Ask the persons in question what they may want? Most of them want reconciliation since they may be also stuck in ‘the spiritual dmz’ due to this confused relationship you two have gotten into.

Ask forgiveness of them. Give them a spirit offering of some kind that makes sense to you. This could be tobacco or food offered in a ceremonial fashion to the souls of the dead. Many cultures have special days during the year where this is done. In this country many religious types celebrate ‘all souls day’ the day after Halloween. Our Mexican relatives have elaborate ceremonies around this and if you don’t have ceremony in your life you may look up one of these events in which you can make amends.

Again, we are following the Bill. W. and Carl Jung prescription given decades ago. Natural law requires that something be given in order to restore balance.

Many Vets have offered help on behalf of the communities that they have offended in order to fulfill this. I know some Vets who have gone back to the part of the world in which they committed the violation and have offered peace offerings to the elders of the village. At times this isn’t possible and here’s where intent can be useful. Offer help to someone with the intention and motivation that this help is on behalf of the suffering you have caused with your actions. This is in keeping with the steps where you actually make real amends to those whom you have hurt.

These actions if done with a sincere heart will help both yourself and those who have been hurt. It will require the courage of a true warrior to go through this process. The fact that you are a warrior leads me to believe that you have this courage. You do not need to keep suffering and keep your loved ones trapped in this unnatural spiritual confused place.

Allow your dreams to let you know if this is proceeding in the way it needs to. If your dreams do not change then you may need to do something different. You may need to go into the dream itself and reconcile there. For that you will definitely need a spiritual guide so I won’t say more on that because it could get gnarly and if you have a guide this will be very helpful.10

The discussion that I have done so far has been helpful to folks that I have worked with during the past three decades of doing this type of work. Most of the folks felt that this way of dealing with their suffering made intuitive sense and were a bit dumbfounded as to why it hadn’t been mentioned before. Well, now it has been mentioned and you can use it to heal yourself and your loved ones.

It is a fact that war is designed to cause suffering regardless of rightness and wrongness. Remember each side truly believes that God is on their side and this leaves us with the reality that there are energies operating at different realms than that of where ego likes to find itself. As I see it, it’s ego that believes in rightness and wrongness and places God on its side. I doubt that God really wants to take part in the destruction of life and the profound creation of suffering that we encounter when our governmental egos decide that they want something that does not belong to them.

Our participation in war as warriors is honorable regardless of sides. Reality though is that forces beyond our control are in effect as we realize that the demons began to make themselves known. They usually make themselves conscious once we have the distance from what occurred and are out of the craziness of the war zone. Just because forces may be out of our ego centered control does not mean that we are helpless. We can resort to our spiritual-soul and work from that aspect because what has happened occurred at the soul level. This fact makes our experience sacred and it becomes even more sacred when we become aware and began to deal with our actions at the realm of soul and spirit.

Welcome home my relative.

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