Underlying Causes/Dual Diagnosis


Underlying Causes/Dual Diagnosis

I have maintained for some years now that there are driving forces that go along with addiction. Presently, there are few if any recovery programs that are just alcohol or substance based treatment. Most programs now, if they want to get funded must address the dual diagnosis or underlying emotional/psychological causes as well as the addiction.

If someone is completely at peace and all is well, there is little chance that they are going to be abusing substances of any kind. As I said before there are energies/spirits that attract similar energies and spirits. There are many emotional causes that drive people to escape from their reality.

Some of the more common causes are fear and sadness known to most folks as anxiety and depression. Again, these energies known as depression and anxiety or many other diagnoses have similar energy to that of alcohol and other substances. Natural law again comes into play in that there is an attraction between the spirit of fear, sadness and other energies such as alcohol, anger, violence and so on. These energies mix with one another and pretty soon the unaware person who thinks that they are just having a drink or a small addiction are completely out of control and in the process of ruining their lives.

As you can see, there is a dance that is happening as these different spiritual energies begin to interact with each other in the body and spirit of a human being. The longer the person does this dance, the deeper the process takes them into the contract that they are unconsciously participating in. The spirit of the substance starts a process of taking the life of the possessed/addicted individual while all along the person and those around him/her cannot see what’s going on due to the energy causing them a spiritual blindness known as enabling or co-dependency. At this point, another spirit is present with the others and this one is profound unhappiness.

The spiraling process takes on a life of its own and becomes a sort of hurricane that picks up speed and momentum while it destroys whatever is in its way. As it picks up speed and twirls it also attracts other energies and forces that in turn make it spin faster. This is truly getting into the true definition of insanity as most people who have been in an addicted family can attest to.

Life is being lost at this point, either directly or indirectly. The body of the addict is being consumed by the chemical processes of the substance and this in itself becomes another unconscious sacrifice to the spirit of the substance that the person is using in their daily unconscious ceremony as they use and abuse the medicine/substance. Hopelessness is an obvious spirit that is being attracted by the hurricane and this hopelessness can either pave the way for death or pave the way towards a death leading to re-birth.

If the individual is not fortunate enough to have attracted the spirit of healing in their addictive process there is a good chance that they will die in the spiraling hurricane. If by some miracle they have attracted the positive side of the medicine energy then there is a chance that they will have a spiritual death and resurrection much like the one Bill W. had. I have found that even the smallest amount of awareness of this process can be useful in attracting healing energy as the hurricane spirals. Therefore, it is important to get the word out to those who are in the middle of this type of insane out of control life.

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