Over the many years that I have been working in recovery settings it has become apparent to me that there is a need for different approaches for some people. This booklet is not for those who have mastered recovery from addictions unless it’s for an interesting read or to enhance the process that you are already in. All approaches have usefulness and it depends on the person as to what approach may work for them. The intention of this booklet is to offer an approach that borders on what some may consider weird and because it’s a little weird it may actually catch your attention.

Many of the ideas presented in this book are from Native American and other Tribal traditions. Many tribal people have maintained specific ways of dealing with spiritual phenomena and these are rooted in natural law. All energies and spirits including the spirit of alcohol are bound by the rules of natural law and by becoming aware of natural law we will be able to better relate to these energies.

In addition to these thoughts I need to mention some of the insights from the Jung letter to Bill W. Jung does not mince words in describing the relationship to alcohol: “His craving for alcohol was the equivalent on a low level of the spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness, expressed in medieval language: the union with God.” In another passage in the same letter Jung continues: “I am convinced that the evil principle prevailing in this world, lends the unrecognized spiritual need into perdition, if it is not counteracted either by a real religious insight or by an action from above and isolated in society cannot resist the power of evil, which is called very aptly the Devil.”

Not only are these ideas rooted in Native traditional teachings, they also have roots in Christian teachings. For example, the story of when Jesus approached the possessed person by the Sea of Galilee and healed the man’s soul depicts this idea. This story is a great example of how even Jesus knew and followed natural law. He identified himself and the demon and then proceeded to offer something in return for the spirits after they left the man. This is classic observance of natural law, where there is a give and take relationship with all things and beings. Since Jesus was a tribal person in his human form and thus was very aware of natural law it makes intuitive sense that he would understand and follow the natural order of things.

Some of the work I have done in treatment of addictions has been in hospital settings, residential treatment programs and outpatient treatment. Over the span of time I have realized that some folks just don’t seem to get better and many die or lose much to sickness and other disasters that happen while in the throws of addiction.

It was during these times of working with folks who did not get better that I decided to try some of the interventions given to me by my root teacher that were not part of my Western clinical training. I have used these approaches with all walks of people in our society and most of them are appreciative to this approach. During the time I have used the approaches that I discuss in this booklet many times the clients have asked me, ‘why hasn’t anyone told me about this before?’ All I can say to them is that perhaps most treatment professionals don’t really know this stuff and use what they know and understand and many times end up blaming the patient for not getting better. The fact that these ideas harmonize with the spirit of the person suffering has made it part of my ongoing work and now I’m making it available to you in this form so that you can start this journey towards healing and restoring your soul.

Recently I was invited to an ‘alcothon’ to speak. I thought that this would be a good venue to try out this material and truthfully I was a bit nervous presenting this material to the group because the group was comprised of some old style AA folks who have their own way of dealing with addictions and have been successful at it. There were old timers as well as ‘newbies’ in the audience. The group received it extremely well and folks said afterwards that this makes sense with what they see is going on at a deep spiritual level. One of the participants got up and spoke to the people in the audience and said that these words make sense and finally someone has said what is true in regards to the actual essence of addiction or possession. Some of the folks asked me if I had tapes of my talk which I don’t. The way the material was recieved inspired me to write this booklet and make it available to you.

Many of our relatives, friends, and loved ones have had their lives taken or ruined by the spirit of alcohol and substances. It is real as most people who are suffering know so well. It makes sense that if you are dealing with spiritual problems that you should try spiritual solutions. First, we have to become aware of what the cunning energy of alcohol knows and from that we can begin the process of relating to it in a unique and spiritual manner. It is important that you realize that alcohol spirit energy has awareness and it is this awareness that we are relating to in addiction as well as in recovery.

These words are respectfully dedicated to the ‘spiritus’ as Carl Jung called alcohol in his letter to Bill W. I hope that in acknowledging this energy that it will bring us awareness to its true nature and to what it is trying to teach us about life, natural law and the essence of spirit.

I’m also including a section for veterans who may be dealing, coping, struggling with a different set of ‘demons, energies, spirits’ known as post traumatic stress syndrome. Again, I believe that academia, researchers, and other technicians of psychobabble (in which I have engaged in myself in my previous writings) have missed the point in dealing with this issue from a bio-psychosocial/medical model.

In my work over the years I have encountered many brothers and sisters plus their families who have been dealing with war trauma and many of them deal with it through addictions either to street drugs or VA drugs.

In either case they are suffering without much relief in sight. In this booklet I will introduce you to another approach that is in harmony with natural law.

I also want the reader to know that this is not an academic book. It’s written in the way I present this material and hopefully my voice is heard throughout the writing. I did not want this to be just another ‘stinkin’ thinkn’ book about addictions and recovery. There are plenty of those around and some good, some not so good but they all try to help. I’m attempting to give another aspect to the process of living with the energies and spirits of substances that surround us daily either outside or inside our bodies. I hope that as you read through this that your spirit harmonizes with the words and also finds balance with natural laws.

Eduardo Duran, Colfax, Ca.


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