Healing the Wounded Soul


Healing the Wounded Soul

By now you may be thinking that this is quite a quandary and the situation may seem hopeless. It can be I suppose if we were to attract the spirit of giving up which is ready to jump in even for those who work in the field of so called addictions. It is important to let those who are in the middle of the hurricane know that they are in a spiritual process that needs spiritual intervention even if death is going to be the immediate result. It is possible to heal the soul and the body will still die. Actually, this death thing will happen anyway to all of us, so no need to worry too much about trying to stop this from happening. The important thing is that when it is time to cross over that we do this with an intact soul so that our soul can unite with the Source.

There are interventions that can be done even if the possessed/addicted person is not interested in intervention as is the case many times. One of my favorite ones is to just tell the person that the next time they are going to use, to have a conversation with the substance. This is crazy enough to attract their attention, and more importantly this will attract a healing spirit. Right as they appear confused about what you’re saying this is the perfect time for a healing energy to sneak into their unconscious and start dealing with the other energies that are already there. This will as some say ruin their fun in their addiction since now there is a different level of awareness that they cannot unlearn. Once you know something you can’t un-know it. It will be difficult for the person to use without awareness of what is going on. The awareness may be unconscious but the knower will still know.

It is important to remember that the person in the middle of what appears to be craziness is in the clutches of their soul wanting wholeness and the soul does not really care if the ego is not liking the process. Ego will be sure to scream and come up with all types of excuses to stop the process including using more and stronger medicines to the point of blacking out. Even though ego blacks out the soul remains and continues to learn from what is going on.

What is needed most at this time is awareness into the ceremonial process that appears as complete torment. Understanding into the process allows for awareness to know that a larger more important work is happening. This process can be helped by the unconscious itself revealing the bridge towards wholeness in the manifestation of dreams and their meaning.

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