Beyond Recovery and Towards Wellness


Beyond Recovery and Towards Wellness

In most recovery systems it is taught that once addicted the person will always be addicted or possessed. This is probably true for some folks who do not want to move beyond being in recovery. There are people who have a complete healing and can start to focus their life on the process of living and fulfilling the contract that they made with God before coming into this life.

Everyone has a purpose and our life’s journey is to fulfill that purpose. We can still remember and make offerings to the spirit of alcohol on an ongoing basis. This is to ensure that we maintain a sacred relationship with it and not one in which alcohol is invited to return to take over our lives again. Many people in recovery avoid places where alcohol resides. Some people I’ve worked with even avoid the alcohol aisle at the grocery store for fear of being around it. This is not a respectful relationship and it is one where fear dominates. Fear is an energy that can open the door for another energy to come in and take over.

Therefore what to do? It is important to walk your walk in a way that is respectful to all spiritual beings and alcohol is no different. Instead of being afraid of it continue to give it offerings and don’t be afraid to say hello to it when it comes into your area. It will come whether you want it to or not.

I am not saying that one should be stupid about this. Especially, in the early stages of recovery it is important that you stay with those who can protect you from ‘slipping’ and going back to where you came from. There comes a time though when you need to move on and live life without fear. Fear is the root of anxiety and depression and as you recall these can be underlying causes of addiction.

Since drinking and using were part of the daily spiritual liturgy for most folks who were in the life of addiction, it makes sense that we should change our daily liturgy to one in which we offer prayers from an intent and motivation towards health, goodness, love and compassion. It is important to do this every day for your spiritual health just like it is important that you eat and exercise every day for your physical health. There are no shortcuts and discipline will be a must in this type of daily walk.

The following can be used as an outline for your daily practice of wellness:

Get up early and greet the morning sun with a prayer of thanksgiving. Leave an offering to the spirit of alcohol or other drugs. Warriors leave an offering for the well being of your old enemies. Also, leave an offering to the spirit of recovery, wellness and healing.

Meditate for at least 10 minutes then do your morning routine of shower etc.

Breakfast should be healthy and eat in a mindful way. Take your time and be grateful for each bite.

Some time during the day you should do some physical exercise unless your work has plenty of it.

Work should be also an act of gratitude and mindfulness. Regardless of what you do for a living (of course it has to be something that is wholesome and does not hurt anyone. Otherwise you need to find another job) do this mindfully. Try to be attentive to the task and moments as they pass. Sneak in a prayer every now and again if the task permits.

During one of the days in the week you should set up ample time for yourself. This time can be used to see a counselor, sponsor, minister, holy person and such.

Once you spend time doing spiritual counseling work then you should have time just for yourself.

Treat yourself with kindness and respect.

With the proper motivation and intent do good things for others. These can be one time activities or get into a project that is going to help others. Dedicate your intent to the purpose that you want to reconcile with in order to restore balance with the natural order.

The time with your loved ones should be part of your day. If you have a family, try to prepare and eat dinner with them. This time can be used to debrief the day. As you debrief though, make sure that you talk about at least 3 positive things that happened that day. It‘s too easy to focus on what did not go right and this can take up a lot of energy and bring the spirit of sadness into your home.

Read something that is good and do some other form of entertainment before sleep. As you approach sleep, be mindful of dreams and what these may be bringing to your life. Be ready to recall your dreams and commit to trying to understand their message. Leave an offering to the dreams letting the dreamtime know that you are committed to working with the dream world.

I hope that these words in this booklet are useful to you as you travel on the path of life. Sobriety is a part of life and not life itself although without it life would not be very long. Keep perspective and realize that you’re human. If you fall short of your goals at times, don’t linger in guilt and beat yourself up. This opens the door to yet more feeling of worthlessness and the spiral goes down from there.

Take responsibility, make amends and move on. Remember on making amends that we need to make amends to more than just the people we offend. At times we need to make amends to the energies that may be involved in whatever action we have taken. If our actions are good then we create energy of gratitude and if our actions are not so good we can still create energy of gratitude once we realize that we are on the path.

As the old ones say from time to time: it’s all good if you live in a good way. Thanks for your attention and keep me and others in your prayers.

Be well.

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