Nuclear Proliferation

Nuclear weapons/power historically has been understood exclusively from a scientific world-view. In the world-view of many Indigenous Peoples of the world, nothing exists without a spiritual component. The spirit is in the thing itself as in plutonium, uranium and so on. Alchemy in the Western tradition has spent many generations in the quest of finding the essence of spirit in matter. Simply stated, alchemy searches for the spirit of God trapped in matter. As we know all that exists in the natural world also has a shadow and if we don’t find God in matter we find the opposite or the Shadow Destructive side of God.

Both Alchemy and Indigenous traditions believe that what guides the spirit in matter is the intention of the heart mind of human beings. Simply said, these elements involved in weapons in and of themselves have no intention. When the human intent is projected into them, then they take on their destructive or constructive potential. Oppenheimer alluded to this when the first bomb was detonated in at Trinity Site near Alamogordo New Mexico, when he reiterated that he had become the destroyer. Interesting to note that the bomb was created in Los Alamos which means The Cottonwoods and detonated in Alamogordo or Fat Cottonwood. Cottonwoods are considered sacred trees as the wood from these trees are used to make sacred objects such as drums, sacred pipe stems to name two.

The results of the very destructive weapons created can be interpreted with a spiritual understanding that fits most of the organized religious  texts, doctrines, and theology in the human experience. When one performs acts that go against life, natural law, and has been given potential to destroy all of life on our planet these religions have a simple formula, i.e., this is evil intention because it goes against what is considered Sacred and Divine Creation. Therefore, the originators of such destructive science can be categorized as sorcerers who either consciously or unconsciously have tapped into the core of elemental creation and have unleashed the shadow side of matter.

Attached is a story that relates to the ideas presented here. The land where the first bomb was created was land that my great grandmother had homesteaded in the 1800’s. When the Manhattan project was founded the leaders of the project selected my family’s land to build the bomb. Interestingly the land around Los Alamos is known as Sipapu by the Original People of the land. Simply translated, this means energy source. The story deals with the creation of the atomic bomb from a spiritual point of view as understood by a Native Holy Man. The title of the book, ‘Buddha in Redface’ is from the prophecy of Padmasambava who circa the 700 century predicted that when the iron bird flies in the sky and the iron horse traverses across the land, the Buddha will be in the land of the Redface. I believe that the Buddha defined as Awakening was and is the essence of the Holy Man in the story.

Somehow I don’t believe that the choice was coincidental as the awareness of the land and awareness of the human beings selecting the site somehow spoke to itself as an intuition and Oppenheimer felt that this is the place where the destroyer of worlds would emerge from. My prayer is that the words in the story can begin to change the heart/mind intent of human consciousness so that we can reverse the elemental projection of our psyche into matter and return matter to its natural state and defuse the destructive potential of what the human psyche has initiated. Carl Jung towards the end of his life said that the greatest danger to the world is the human psyche. He also went on to say that we know nothing of the psyche. I believe and implore that we continue to explore the psyche so that this very amazing energy of psyche can become the Creator of Worlds and cease from being the Destroyer of Worlds.



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