Jung and Medicine Wheel


Jung and Medicine Wheel

In my paper ‘Medicine Wheel, Mandala, and Jung” I take some basic constructs from Jungian theory and offer insights from my many years of clinical work with Native peoples. A brief comparison of Shamans, Jungians and Medicine people is offered in order to clarify some of these terms that are not clear in much of our collective psyche.

Jung’s psychology of types is revisited from a Native understanding and earth awareness is introduced as the intuitive side of Jung’s theory. Alchemy is also visited from a world-view that offers a different insight into Jung’s psyche as he worked to unify psyche and mind. Scholars such as Vine De Loria, Hoeller are referenced in order to offer support for differing interpretations into Jung and some of his work.
Medicine Wheel, Mandala + Jung - Dr. Eduardo Duran  << PDF Download


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