Nuclear Proliferation

Nuclear weapons/power historically has been understood exclusively from a scientific world-view. In the world-view of many Indigenous Peoples of the world, nothing exists without a spiritual component. The spirit is in the thing itself as in plutonium, uranium and so on. Alchemy in the Western tradition has spent many generations in the quest of finding the essence of spirit in matter. Simply stated, alchemy searches for the spirit of God trapped in matter. As we know all that exists in the natural world also has a shadow and if we don’t find God in matter we find the opposite or the Shadow Destructive side of God.

Both Alchemy and Indigenous traditions believe that what guides the spirit in matter is the intention of the heart mind of human beings. Simply said, these elements involved in weapons in and of themselves have no intention. When the human intent is projected into them, then they take on their destructive or constructive potential. Oppenheimer alluded to this when the first bomb was detonated in at Trinity Site near Alamogordo New Mexico, when he reiterated that he had become the destroyer. Interesting to note that the bomb was created in Los Alamos which means …

Soul Healing and Historical Trauma

Trauma in the field of the helping professions has been understood mostly as an individual and at time a family systems issue. In our work with communities we have found that trauma can be passed from generation to generation, and has been termed historical trauma, soul wounding or intergenerational trauma. Symptoms of historical trauma include addictions, mood disorders, physical illnesses and many other forms of reacting to injury where blood doesn’t flow aka trauma. Recently the field of epigenetics has been providing interesting findings substantiating the theory of historical trauma which is validating to many who subscribe to western empiricism as their way of understanding reality.


Jung and Medicine Wheel


Jung and Medicine Wheel

In my paper ‘Medicine Wheel, Mandala, and Jung” I take some basic constructs from Jungian theory and offer insights from my many years of clinical work with Native peoples. A brief comparison of Shamans, Jungians and Medicine people is offered in order to clarify some of these terms that are not clear in much of our collective psyche.

Jung’s psychology of types is revisited from a Native understanding and earth awareness is introduced as the intuitive side of Jung’s theory. Alchemy is also visited from a world-view that offers a different insight into Jung’s psyche as he worked to unify psyche and mind. Scholars such as Vine De Loria, Hoeller are referenced in order to offer support for differing interpretations into Jung and some of his work.
Medicine Wheel, Mandala + Jung - Dr. Eduardo Duran  << PDF Download